Hello Kitty vs Ninja Turtles Party Mash Up

Planning a party for 2 celebrants can be challenging.  If those celebrants happen to be a boy and a girl with specific but totally different fave characters, it could pose a serious party problem for Mommy.

Little girl wants Hello Kitty.  Little boy wants Ninja Turtles.  Mom wants just one party.

How to pull it off? Here are some suggestions:

1.  Use one distinct feature of each theme to create the party palette.  It could be a color, a pattern, a symbol, etc.  It’s best if that feature is easy to execute and replicate. For this party, we chose bright pink dots for Hello Kitty, and the color green to represent the Ninja Turtles. These features were applied to different elements, especially the more visible ones–like the tables and the buffet backdrop.  We used plain green table cloth topped with pink polka dot runners on all the tables. Alternating strips of green fabric and pink polka dots covered the wall behind the buffet table. There were also paper lanterns in green and pink polka dots hanging in the ceiling.

2.  Mirror each theme in the same decor elements.  Paper lanterns were decorated as heads of Hello Kitty as well as the four Ninja Turtles.  The same treatment was done with the paper cups and loot bags.  This was a fun DIY party project that was simply done using ribbons, art paper and googly eyes.

3.  In contrast to the second suggestion above, have some elements that are executed just for one theme.  This way, there’s a little something different for each of the celebrant.  For this party, Hello Kitty centerpieces for the girls’ tables were create using pompoms, a definitely more feminine touch.  The Ninja Turtles centerpieces on the other hand were done with balloons.

Hello Kitty - Ninja Turltes Mash Up

Do you have other suggestions on how to do a smashing party theme mash up? We’d love to hear from you.

– Cheers!


Celebrating Month-a-Bdays

In the months leading to the birth of my first son, I scoured the net for ideas on how to celebrate his monthly birthdays, or “month-a-bdays” as I call them.  I wanted to prepare ahead so as not to get caught off-guard in the frenzy of taking care of a newborn.  After all, I’m of the thinking that all milestones big and small MUST be celebrated.

There were many cute ideas I found on the net, especially on friend’s FB posts.  One friend made her own numbered bibs and photographed her baby on the same chair each month. It was fun to see how quickly the baby was growing each month. Another friend did iron-transfers on onesies (saw an adorable necktie design that would a perfect for this); while another had her older kids do number art signs.  Most posted pictures of cakes with candles and raised fingers to the number of months being celebrated.

For my firstborn, I decided on using a backdrop of mini balloons arranged as numbers (each month a different color) with my baby holding a foam number (one his bath toys), plus a cake with the corresponding candles (and ofcourse, raised fingers).  It was a monthly activity I prepared for with much excitement, until about the 6th month when I started to get a little lazy.   But I still managed to do 11 months of this—the OC in me needed to have a complete set of pics.

Happy 1-2-3 Months to me

Happy 1-2-3 Months to me

When planning for my second son’s month-a-bdays, I wanted to do something simpler but just as playful.  So I’ve been using giant foil number balloons.  They’re easy to blow up and can be set up just about anywhere.  The bonus? We can see his growth in height vis-à-vis the balloon.  Soon he’ll be bigger than the balloon! (Ofcourse, cake and candles are still in the picture.)

How do you celebrate your baby’s month-a-bday?



Large Foil Numbers

Happy 4-5-6 Months to me!


Yes, DIY party planning can be simple

Anyone who knows me well, knows I looove to throw parties.

When I was single, I loved throwing themed birthday parties for myself. When I started working, any officemate will attest to the fact I’m the first to volunteer to plan a promotion or despedida party.

As my circle of friends started getting married and having babies, I started to throw bridal and baby showers, the latter being a particular favorite. I must have hosted more than a dozen baby showers for friends.

It’s not that I’m addicted to partying (hahaha!) or spending (I’m a true blue cost-conscious Cebuano). It’s simply because I enjoy gathering friends together and creating different settings to celebrate our lives’ special moments. In fact, I almost always do things myself (except cook). That to me, is where the most fun lies.

Fast forward to today and why I find myself writing this blog, in this site.

I’m a newbie mom. I have an adorable (yes, I am biased!) 18-month old son and I’m currently 5 months pregnant with my second. As soon as I found out my first baby’s gender, I had already started planning his baptism. After his baptism, I start planning his first birthday. I felt then that I needed to plan ahead because I wanted to do things myself and was afraid I’d have to source unique items from abroad or make things. And between breastfeeding, playtime, doctor’s visits, wife duties and work–who has the time to plan and execute a party, right?

Iago 1st Bday

Yes, the easy way out is to just hire someone to do everything, but I guess that’s just not my style. As much as I can, I like to DIY. It allows me (and anybody!) to put my own little spin to my special occasions.

I will save the details and learnings from planning those parties for another entry. For now, I just wanted to share that I realize, that DIYing is simple when:
– you have easy access to materials and party supplies
– you find ideas to jumpstart your own creativity

And that’s why, my friends and I decided to start Festivity. To give you easy access to both basic and unique party supplies (many of our stuff are sourced from the US and the UK!). And to give you ideas on how to put things together to put your own unique spin to your parties! The best part? You can do all this while sitting at home or during office breaks. With just a a few clicks, you can plan your party, sit back and wait for the fun stuff to arrive at your doorstep.

And on a selfish note, it will now be so much easier now for me to plan parties for my boys, showers for my friends, birthdays for friends…

– Christine