About Us

Anyone who’s ever tried to throw a party knows how difficult and tiring it can be.  There are dozens and dozens of details to look after – like the food, the venue, the entertainment, and the décor – that it can be overwhelming, even for the excited party host.  Professional party planners are there to help take that load off, but that can be a pricey option, especially for people on a budget.  Between the daunting details and the climbing costs, it can be tempting not to throw a party at all.

At Festivity, we believe that it’s the little touches that bring a party together and turn it into an event to remember, and memories to cherish.  Our goal is to help you throw an amazing party without breaking the bank, or your back.  DIY party planning is fun and easy with Festivity!

Our online shop sells both basic and hard-to-find party essentials, all at very reasonable prices, and we’ve put together several exciting themes for you to choose from, to make planning your party even easier.  On our blog you’ll find more party themes as we come up with them, and stories from other DIY party-planners, to get you excited and inspired.

Behind Festivity are two moms who love celebrating life’s special moments.  We love spending time with friends and family, and we love throwing simple parties that are fun, pretty, and well put-together, without spending too much.  For Festivity, we do the product sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, and online store ourselves – all on top of our mommy and wife duties.

As new mothers, life constantly gives us reasons to celebrate – our babies’ first teeth, first steps, first words, even their first solo potty!  As wives, we mark anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and other important occasions.  As friends, we have baby showers, engagement parties, and occasional just-because get-togethers.  With Festivity, putting a party together is so effortless and affordable that you can do it as often as you like.

No occasion is too big or too small, and our dream is for Festivity to be part of your life’s little and big celebrations!